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Who Are The People Behind Social Media Academy?

Nix Eniego

Founder & CEO at Arrive Media

Co-Founder of Social Media Academy

Head of Marketing at Sprout PH

Nix is a Growth Marketer with Nearly a Decade’s Worth of Experience. 

He has helped both big brands and startups all over the world with SEO, content marketing, and social media marketing. He shares his expertise and strategies with hundreds of other freelancers and entrepreneurs around the globe.

Melissa Profeta

CEO and Social Media Marketing Strategist at MelPro Marketing

Chief of Digital Operations at Prime Press

Co-Founder at Social Media Academy

Melissa is an expert in Community Growth and Management and Social Media Marketing and Public Relations. 

With 5 years of experience in the space, she has helped numerous businesses improve their social media engagement and have grown meaningful communities for clients. She is now combining her social media expertise with PR for maximum brand growth.

Here are some of what our previous students have to say:

“I’d finished my SMA for one of the Health & Beauty shops in Cebu. Oh God…I’am so proud of myself hahaha. I know it’s just a little thing to the veteran but for me it means a lot. This course would really change my life. Thank you Nix, Mel and Val.”


Marvie Alinsub

“Weeeeeew…nakakaluka na ang topics. I feel like a kid in a room full of chocolates and cadies…sooo much value. It’s giving me confidence in sending out proposals. Thank youuuuuuu.”

Mae Caytuna

“Thank you for this! super useful, I met up with a prospective client and we’re in the rates negotiation part na. haha I’m so confused how to set my rate. Pero this audit #winner. She said “I saw the report you emailed and I really appreciate your suggestions and comments”. <3 <3 <3 Thank you for this awesome lesson.”

Karen Ostil Principe

“I’m trying to catch up with content and interaction having seen the latest posts from last nite till today. And all I can say is God Bless you Melissa Profeta, Nix Eniego, Valerie Joy Deveza—thank you so much for putting so much value and hard work into this program. Its not even the bang for the buck content or the availability that you guys afford to us. Most of all its the RESPECT and SINCERITY that you’ve given to the participants in this program. I’ve been thru a couple of courses here and there and nowhere have I seen so much dedication to the work, to the profession and the people that make up the community. Nix may put it as a disruptive model–what I am seeing is a revolution unfolding before us. A new model where the “gift economy” is changing the landscape of work and learning–and you–yes the three of you have pulled it off gracefully.”

 -Grxg Ramos

“This so Great Nix! I gained so much knowledge on this video. Extremely helpful tips on closing clients. Thank you for this information! May I ask when we had chosen our target prospects and decided to use the Social Media Audit for them, do we send them in Facebook messenger with attachment? Or do we need to know the company’s email? Thanks!”

Elius Lim Santos

“Thanks for this Nix Eniego! Great guide talaga! I tried this to one of the startups I saw on facebook group, it’s true that this method works however for me unfortunately, the client could not afford the services pa hehehe hoping to find ones that could afford us! Do you unfriend prospects who cannot afford you or rejected you? Or let them stay in your friends list but hide cotents on your profile from them? hehe.”

-Brenlise Sorima Veslino

“The learning you will get from this course of Nix team is priceless–believe me. I have also been a member of Rachel Pedresen and have watched Ryan Deiss social management course. What’s different is, these guys also tackled on strategies and best practices rather than the basics and fundamentals. Very affordable since social media courses out there either cost too much for its lifetime access or have a monthly recurring fee.

I will qoute this as a “platinum”-valued course at a very affordable cost. So if you won’t be grabbing the opportunity to enroll, you are missing a lot!”

Cody Lardizabal

Meet Your Other Instructors

Julian Canita

Digital Marketing Specialist and Facebook Ads Strategist at JCAN Online Marketing Solutions

Julian has been helping business owners grow their businesses through Facebook ads for the past 3 years.

He has helped over 40 businesses, has taught and coached over 100 students and has spent nearly 10M Pesos in Facebook ads so trust us, he knows his stuff.

Neil Reichl

Email Marketing & Chatbot Specialist at Bottbott Industries

Niel Reichl went from nowhere to somewhere after attending one of Nix’s workshop back in 2017.

Niel is now considered as one of the leaders in the Facebook messenger chatbot and marketing niches in the Philippines.

+30 Other Top Marketers who are Guest Lecturers Inside!

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A community built on Facebook, launched for Filipino Social Media Managers, Marketers and Aspiring ones to help each other in providing growth tips and strategies for accounts that we all manage.

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