3 Things To Ask Yourself Before Building Your Own Community

3 Things To Ask Yourself Before Building Your Own Community


3 Things To Ask Yourself Before Building Your Own Community

If you are an influencer or an entrepreneur who understands the value of a Facebook Groups in your business, you’d do whatever it takes to make your community strong and solid. 3-things-ask-yourself-before-building-your-own-community-pinterest

Setting up a Facebook Group seems easy as tools are available for about anybody to use. You see Facebook groups created on a regular basis. But these groups have no real purpose by its creator and no right audience profile in mind.
In that case, there aren’t positive results generated from maintaining such groups. Building and growing a strong Facebook group is a daunting task – but it is not if you know how to do it.

Have you done your homework?

If you’re maintaining a Facebook group or planning on creating one, it’s best to do your homework, with steps that will help build the foundation of your group. If you’re already maintaining a group, it’s recommended that you use the following pointers and recalibrate your group’s growth plans. By doing so you would increase the quality of your group’s engagements and interactions. 3-things-ask-yourself-before-building-your-own-community

Define the purpose of the group.

What is the group for? who it is for and what do you hope the group to achieve? These are just some of the questions you need to ask before setting up the group? 3-things-before-building-community-quote

Does the group’s name represent a promise of relevance?

Does the name embody trust and integrity with resources they could count on? The properly-selected group name will work its way naturally in attracting the right audience.

Are the rules anchored to your purpose?

The rules set the boundaries of engagement and promote respect among members. And yes, lead by example. Once you have completed these steps, you will have a Facebook group. You have eliminated unnecessary endeavors not related to your community’s benefits.

List down all of your answers and voila! You are now ready to take the next step!


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