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With over 1,000 alumni in SMA, we’ve been blessed to have had hundreds of success stories. But beyond the thousands of dollars earned and booming businesses, the best part about this is that we get to help real people with real life. Happiness is a key metric here in SMA, and as long as we are able to help our students become truly happy, that’s a huge win for us.


Here’s what our students have to say about Social Media Academy

I have one new prospect client mam. She owns 7 franchise gyms and I offered chatbot service. This Friday we are going to meet.

Once again thank you for the valuable lessons.

Everything is new to me but SMA made it easier for me to understand. Special thanks to Ms. Melissa kahit makulit ako magtanong lagi sumagot, kay sir Niel Reichl and Fred Mosquida na nagging instant mentors ko and kay sir Julian na nag guide sakin kahit hindi related sa SMA. I appreciate his invite sa isang leadership orientation talk. Kay Ms. Cons for constructive criticisms each task. And to other coaches na rin salamaty sa wisdom.

Sa bumubuo ng SMA Salamat po.

Ruben Angelo Cabantug

My biggest takeaway is to never give up. There’s a story to tell, a confession even, with my quest to enroll in SMA.
The moment I saw my FB friends sharing about SMA, I already wanted to enroll. Unfortunately I learned about it at a time when I no longer have enough money to pay for the course. So when the enrollment for SMA ended, I was frustrated.
Payday came and I was already ready to pay the full price, but I couldn’t find the sign up page. I never stopped “I know it’s here somewhere.” I told myself. Then voila! I clicked a link that led me to SMA splash page with an option to enroll.
The rest as they say is history and now I am armed with the knowledge and started honing my skills to be the best social media manager that I can be. I learned a lot from all the mentors here at SMA.
And compared to the other online courses that I paid for, the mentors here are very generous in teaching, the knowledge shared is dropping like a big bomd. FULL IMPACT!
Thank you SMA. You guys rock!

Alwin Aguirre

Seriously I have been telling my wife all the things I learned from SMA. I tested most of the things that I’ve learned from the mentors and they really worked.
I tested the Social Media Audit just for fun and did one for an online job employer. He was impressed and asked me what tool I have used. Of course, I just said I did that manually because I studied it (which was true).
I love the network, referrals. I love the support group and the community (the primary reason why I joined).
But the lessonsI’ve learned from the academy was definitely worth more than what I paid for.
The one thing I’m very happy that I learned from SMA is using FB Ads. All the while, I though I knew what I was doing when I was boosting posts and targeting people. There’s more to it pa pala.
What changed since I joined? The confidence because I know I’ve got a community who I can count on when I have some questions or problems.

Dominic Barrios


From humble beginnings to triumphant journeys, watch some of our #SMAStories and how these amazing students overcame adversity and became successful in the industry with the help of SMA.

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