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Student Partner and Affiliate Terms And Conditions

FOREWORD Our partners are very important to us. We do our best to treat you with the fairness and respect you deserve. We simply ask the same consideration of you. We have written the following affiliate agreement with you in mind, as well as to protect our company’s good name. So please bear with us…
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3 Most Common PR Mistakes

The PR (Public Relations) business may be easily defined as the business of making your client look good. Whether you’re doing PR for a product, a service or an organization, the end goal of your project is always “to make it look good”. Or look better.   My first encounter with Public Relations was way back in college.…
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5 Reasons Why Investing in PR is your Best Boss Move in 2018

Start contemplating your PR this 2018. When you have the fullest belief over what you—as an individual or as a part of any institution you represent—are capable of providing and the value of your work, but the same belief does not seem to translate to your audiences, and by extension, to your income, perhaps you…
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The Graphic Designer Turned Social Media Marketer Story

Are you interested to become a Social Media Marketer but worried about where to start because you have no background? You might be asking: “how do I enter this industry even without experience?.” Worry not, I was able to do it and my confident answer to your question is that “Yes you can start a career…
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Things You Should Do In Order to Grow Your Community

Promote for Growth. When you’ve done things right the first time, you’ll be just as excited to promote your group as you are leading it. Having more like-minded individuals in the group enhances the group’s persona and grow or increase the quality of content exchanges. To effectively promote your Facebook group you likewise need a…
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3 Things To Ask Yourself Before Building Your Own Community

3 Things To Ask Yourself Before Building Your Own Community If you are an influencer or an entrepreneur who understands the value of a Facebook Groups in your business, you’d do whatever it takes to make your community strong and solid. Setting up a Facebook Group seems easy as tools are available for about anybody…
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