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The 1 Thing I Learned From Nix Eniego And Use Facebook That Catapulted My Career

Do you use Facebook to get clients? Join groups? Pitch in discussions? Be the first to comment on people’s statuses? Message people on messenger? I was guilty of doing all of the above and 148 other things just to get clients!! But there’s one thing that many of us haven’t done and in fact, don’t dare do. Guess…
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Things You Should Do In Order to Grow Your Community

Promote for Growth. When you’ve done things right the first time, you’ll be just as excited to promote your group as you are leading it. Having more like-minded individuals in the group enhances the group’s persona and grow or increase the quality of content exchanges. To effectively promote your Facebook group you likewise need a…
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3 Things To Ask Yourself Before Building Your Own Community

3 Things To Ask Yourself Before Building Your Own Community If you are an influencer or an entrepreneur who understands the value of a Facebook Groups in your business, you’d do whatever it takes to make your community strong and solid. Setting up a Facebook Group seems easy as tools are available for about anybody…
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