How Nix Eniego Grew Sprout Solutions to Multi-Millions with Social Media

How Nix Eniego Grew Sprout Solutions to Multi-Millions with Social Media

How nix eniego grew sprout solutions into a multimillion dollar company

Sprout Solutions is an HR technology company in the Philippines. It is also considered as one of the fastest growing tech startups in the country.

In this article, Nix Eniego (Founder of Social Media Academy, Marketing Head for Sprout Solutions, Marketing Consultant for Influencers) gives us a snapshot look of the different social media strategies he used to grow Sprout to a multi-million company that it is today.


How Nix Eniego Grew Sprout Solutions

Nix: Before I took on Sprout, there was little to no online presence. As a baby startup, we didn’t have unlimited cash to blow for marketing, so I had to be really creative and scrappy.

Aside from playing the SEO game (which brought in a big chunk of our early customers), one of the core strategies I used was social media marketing.

How much were you spending on Facebook Ads?

Nix: We didn’t have much, but a budget of P5,000 a month on Facebook Ads helped build brand awareness. I used creative videos like this Halloween Ad to build a strong custom audience that fits our exact target market.

What other strategies were you using for Sprout Solutions?

Nix: We also did a lot of Free events and used Facebook Ads to funnel people into our Eventbrite page. We would target HR professionals and promote events, trainings, and workshops that they would be interested in. We were building both brand awareness and brand equity.

Beyond Facebook Ads, I also leveraged Facebook Groups. There were many HR groups on Facebook and I made sure that our presence was felt inside those groups.

By being helpful and answering HR related questions, Sprout was able to slowly become a known commodity in the space. We never sold inside these groups, but rather, we became one with the community, until it was time for us to build our own.

We then made our own Facebook Group, and started nurturing our audience there. These people became part of our tribe, who happily refer us to their friends.

Our Facebook Groups play was so effective because the seeds that we planted have blossomed into a situation where even strangers are marketing for us… People recommend us whenever someone asks for an HR solution.

What other social media platforms helped you?

Nix: LinkedIn is also a place where we’re making strides. I use a personal branding strategy for our CEO, Sales Head, and Head of HR so that we can evangelize without “selling”.

This allows us to attract our ideal customers without even pitching the product. By simply providing value and sharing our mission, we are attracting the right people.

Growing Sprout to what it is today definitely took more than a couple of social media strategies. But these social media plays we implemented allowed us to accelerate our growth as much as we could—with no millions in our bank account to spend.

That’s what you do when you don’t have money to burn… Hustle and sweat equity is the key.


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