The 1 Thing I Learned From Nix Eniego And Use Facebook That Catapulted My Career

The 1 Thing I Learned From Nix Eniego And Use Facebook That Catapulted My Career

Do you use Facebook to get clients? Join groups? Pitch in discussions? Be the first to comment on people’s statuses? Message people on messenger? I was guilty of doing all of the above and 148 other things just to get clients!!

But there’s one thing that many of us haven’t done and in fact, don’t dare do.


Guess what?


Guess again…

Enggggggggk again…

Facebook Blogging!!!!

Yes, there is such a thing as Facebook Blogging.


And this is how:

Facebook Blogging, as a matter of fact, is just like blogging on your timeline.

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It follows the same principles of providing value upfront and then seen later on as the expert on the topic that you blog about.

In my case, it was all about Facebook Messenger Chatbots.

I didn’t know much about it but I just started throwing out ideas on the possibilities on how you can use chatbots.

That’s it.

I figured out why weren’t people hiring me or at least inquiring about what I do despite all my efforts to add value in facebook groups and the 148 other tactics.


People actually did check me out but before they send a message, they check out my profile first and my most recent posts.

There was a HUGE DISCONNECT!!!!

There was hardly any mention of what I do and all my posts had NOTHING to do with my services.

Presently, I make it a point to be really active on my timeline and provide value as much as possible.

Nix is living proof to this and so is Melissa Profeta and all the other people I follow online!!

Let me do my signature analogy:

For instance, Facebook profile = Your Blog. Many people think Facebook is just a mere platform to play with and express their thoughts but very few people know how to use Facebook to their advantage.

Facebook commenting on other people’s posts and participating in Facebook Groups = Guest Blogging

You have to do both to get results. It’s like a cough and colds, they always come together.

Never do one alone or else you risk slowing down your ROI or worse – NO ROI

GASP!!!!!! EEEEEeeeeeeeeekkkk!!!!

Do yourself a favor and comment on a post that you know you can provide value and fill your timeline with added value posts.

This my dear reader is just one example of Social Media Marketing.

Furthermore, if you own a business regardless of how B2B it is or a simple mom and pop brick and mortar business, I’m adamant that you should be using social media and implement this one thing ASAP.

If you have questions, hit this link right here and we’ll talk!

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