Things You Should Do In Order to Grow Your Community

Things You Should Do In Order to Grow Your Community


Promote for Growth. When you’ve done things right the first time, you’ll be just as excited to promote your group as you are leading it. Having more like-minded individuals in the group enhances the group’s persona and grow or increase the quality of content exchanges.


To effectively promote your Facebook group you likewise need a campaign plan:
Finding and profiling other groups with purpose and audience that are related or similar to your group.

Setting a regular time when you would engage in other groups as representative of your own group.

Planning on relevant content to share, otherwise called as value post. You may tell a story behind your group’s name with anchor link; but shy away from making this appear as an advertisement or hard sell.

For a good engagement pattern, here’s an example:
Group name: Dog Lover’s Club
Posting to: PETA Group

Content type: Personal experience, short narrative
Content to share: “Taking care of 6 dogs in a single house”

Call to action spiel content: “I have been posting helpful guides like this for dog lovers like me at my newly created Facebook Group called Dog Lovers Club ( lovers).” This line can be inserted midway through your content or towards the end.

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More proactive tips for promoting your group include:

  • Updating your personal profile to include the name and link of your group. Use this updated profile, along with a good content to encourage people to join your group.
  • Run a Facebook ad to actively promote your group. The investment very much outweighs the expense in running a Facebook ad especially when you consider your group as a lead source.
  • Let your email list know about your Facebook group. Send out an email broadcast with an introduction of your group and good email body.
  • Share a relevant content to related channels with a link directing to your Facebook group.
    Increase engagement among members.

Influencers and entrepreneurs have a lot in their hands other than just maintaining a Facebook group; that is why it is a dream come true to them once they see their group going auto-pilot.


This means conversations keep rolling and creative ideas are well exchanged; the group then has become a thriving environment.
But if after the excitement wears off and engagement seems to be quite challenging, then you, as the influencer, need to fuel their energy and reignite their interest in the group. This may call for you being creative in more ways than one, but you only have to follow what works.

Make them feel at home.

Like how you join with other groups, it matters a lot when you feel at home in that group. People are so warm and everybody always selflessly share an idea beneficial to all. When members feel at home in your group, more trust is gained; with trust comes engagement.


Keep it real.

While your group rules would just want to stick to certain discussions at any given time, keeping it real is unavoidable especially when one member is too pumped up to share an experience that is off-topic to the group. In times like this you may assign a special day and thread for off-topic and keep it there; doing so helps maintain the camaraderie within the group while keeping the core conversations flowing.


Keep it fun as they learn.

List all the activities you’d like to conduct while establishing your group’s underlying message. Always plan your activities with your member in mind, making sure that there is a reason for them to participate. Hosting a free webinar, FB live sessions, question and answer threads and running a fun game with rewards are just some of the ways you can keep the fun in your group. To add value to your activities, invite influencers as “guest” that would provide excellent insights for the group.

Building and growing a Facebook group may require a great effort from you, but the benefit is valuable in your business growth. Keep it simple and true to your community; nurture and provide the best possible solutions and rewards will follow.



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